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International Pet Transport

We understand that trying to fly your pet overseas, as well as personally dealing with moving your furniture and effects can be such a stressful task, with or without children. We at Sherae Petlink will help take some of your stress away by providing a full service, from collecting your pet from your door to it arriving at your nominated destination. We also in many countries can get your pet delivered to the door over there as well, as we are members of IPATA.

We understand that the general talk or paperwork which you may have received in your research, to see what is involved in flying your pet overseas, may lead you to believe that it is all to hard, and reads as double dutch. We at Sherae Petlink will help guide you in understanding the procedures which have been laid down.

We understand your emotions, which may swell up as you hand over your beloved pet to us, to be sent off to a new home in another country. With our caring and very experienced staff we will provide and care for your pet as if they were our own.

The price in flying your pet overseas can be a lot more expensive than it already is, if it is not done correctly.

The country of destination may require many tests to be completed. The airlines charge volumetric weight (the size of the crate) and not the gross weight (the weight of the pet and the crate). If the incorrect routing is done, transit fees may be charged unnecessarily. These are just a few hurdles which may be encountered if you don't have an experienced team working with you. Just one slip up can cost a lot of money unnecessarily. We at Sherae Petlink have a proven record of success and a great reputation in this industry which has been demonstrated by lasting the test of time.


By using Sherae Petlink service as your pets travel agent it will, in many cases cost nothing.

We pass all of our bulk discounts in fees, costs and charges onto you, thereby the difference between what you would be charged at a retail level, plus the time in running around, the possibility of running into procedure/protocol problems by using an incorrect crate and incorrect routing, on top of the new security protocol laid down since September 11 all adds up. So why even bother thinking of trying to do it all yourself, or using people who may not be recognized in the industry. We are here to help, so Please give us a call today.

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