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Our truly "Japanese Type" Shiba Inu are bred almost exclusively down from our 5 Japanese Imports of Nippo Type and Lines, brought in exclusively by the team at Sherae Kennels.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and that you appreciate the dogs that you see. We are very proud of our Shiba's and our bloodlines that have become Champions not just here in Australia, but other countries around the world .

In the past few years, Sherae bred Shiba's have won the Challenge and Best of Breed awards at various Royal Shows around Australia. We are also the breeders of a Best Exhibit In Show, (All Breeds Champ Show) as well as Multiple Best Exhibit In Group winners, under breed specialists.

Our Japanese Imports

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Mr Hishio (Caesar ) Kadowaki, for helping us get established in the Shiba breed. Caesar was personally responsible for selecting our gene poole, to which we still breed on with today. We were blessed with owning the following.

Sherae Knls would also like to say a very big thank you to both Mr Michiyo Hayashida for "Shime" and Mr Norio Emoto for "Taka" and for allowing these 2 lovely boys to come to Australia. They will do much to enhance the gene poole for the breed.

Aust Ch . Mitaki No Toshimitsu  Go Mie Fukumatsuro (Imp Jpn) "Harche". MALE.
Aust Ch . Kokuryu Go Morowa Shirakosow. (Imp Jpn)
Titled in N.S.W. By Mrs.Y. Cobham. "Kokuryu " MALE
Kikuhime Go Tokoname Miharuso (Imp Jpn ) "Kikuhime" Bitch.
Tomoko Go Kuwana Murataso. (Imp Jpn) "Tomoko" Bitch.
Toyoshiro Go Mie Mitaki (Imp Jpn) Chibi. MALE.
Co - owned with Mr Kadowaki - Japan.
Aust Ch: Yuigetsu Go Takamarousou (Imp Jpn ) "Taka" Owned by Sherae Knls: Handled by Lee Gray & Philipe Puklowski
King Go Super Star (Imp Jpn) 'Shime'

"Shime & Taka"
"Aust Ch" Yuigetsu Go Takamarosou (Imp Jpn) Photo by "Cabal"


Overseas Champions

"N.Z. Champion" Sherae Tatsu Kodama. Rosalie Martin & Sherae Knls . 
"N.Z .Champion" Sherae Haru Yokoi .
Yoko was titled in N.Z. by Miss Michelle Turner for this we are eternally greatful. She has since been exported, and is now residing in Norway with our very dear friend Mariana Holmi (Pei Fang Knls ) .
3   "New Zealand Ch" Sherae The Emissary. (L.Sturges / J.Williams / K.Stewart)
4   "Swedish Champ" Sherae Takeda Ninja. Again we thank Helene Nordwall (Sweden).

"Swedish Champ Sherae Takeda Ninja"
"Sherae Chocy Break"
"New Zealand Champ Sherae The Emissary"
"New Zealand Champ Sherae Haru Yokoi"
"Aust -N.Z. Ch Sherae Tatsu Kodama"

Sherae Kado San (Kado)

Australian Grand Champ, Canadian & International Champ "Sherae Kado San" , was bred here at Sherae Knls - Perth Western Australia. He is loved & proudly owned by Mrs Dot Clarke of New South Wales .

Kado has had a very colourful career in his lifetime to date. He left Aust as an Australian Champion, bound for Canada. Kado was living with Katja Weber of Akashima Knls B.C. It was here that his Canadian Title was picked up very quickly. Then he & Katja were on the Continent for his international title.

Before leaving Canada, Kado did leave his mark, with some Shiba kids being left behind & we wish them all well.

We are very greatful to this lady in doing so much for this little dog , & we as his breeders are truly greatful to her and her hard work & time put into Kado. Where as on his return to Australia, he was then handled through to his Grand Champ title by Dot Clarke. To Dot we say a very special thank you from all of us here at Sherae in Perth West Australia, for loving & caring for this very special little man.

Family Pets

"Mocha" with his family in Perth
"Marriotts girl U.S.A"
"Happy Marriott Family U.S.A"
"Judy Chow Hawaii’"







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